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TU U 20.1.36584168-004:2017


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Mass fraction of urea,%


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Mass fraction of ammonium nitrogen,%


Mass fraction of sulfur,%


Urea-sulfate mixture

USM -N20, S3

And so, what is USM?

This invention is a liquid mineral fertilizer containing urea (urea) and ammonium sulfate (USM) in the form of a solution. 

Urea and ammonium sulfate dissolve simultaneously in the reactor at optimum temperatures.

Urea is the most common nitrogen fertilizer, and its world consumption has increased significantly from about 20 million tons in the early seventies to about 100 million tons in the early twenty-first century. Nitrogen is a major component of any living system (protein).

Due to intensive agriculture and reduced sulfur emissions into the air and, as a consequence, its entry into the land with rain, modern agriculture needs sulfur in addition to nitrogen.

Good farming usually requires N (nitrogen) and S (sulfur) in a ratio of 5/1 to meet the needs of crops, such as 150 kg of nitrogen per hectare during the year and 30 kg of sulfur per hectare during the year.

Lack of sulfur leads to a decrease in both the quantity and quality of crops, and sulfur deficiency often affects the content and type of protein. Sulfur is in fact an important element for the biochemistry of cells that are part of molecules such as amino acids (cystine, methionine, etc.). It is also a catalyst for photosynthesis and, in some cases, can promote the fixation of atmospheric nitrogen.

Sulfate ions are readily available to plants, while elemental sulfur must be pre-oxidized by soil bacteria.

For all these reasons, urea with ammonium sulfate (USM) obtained by mixing urea and ammonium sulfate is a very interesting and profitable fertilizer, which includes, on the one hand, nitrogen, and on the other hand, sulfur in the form of sulfate, easily available crops.

Of course, it is possible to apply sulfur directly into the soil as a separate fertilizer, but it has been proven by agro-tests and economic efficiency is achieved by applying liquid sulfur together with urea (urea). The presence of ammonium nitrogen in the USM in the amount of 8% entering the soil allows the potassium contained in the soil to go into an accessible form for direct plant nutrition. Equally important is the fact that due to the 14% nitrogen content in the amide form in the USM has a prolonged action of nitrogen (amide nitrogen -ammonium nitrogen -nitrate nitrogen -plant nutrition).


USM brands produced by the agrochemical company GROSSDORF are distinguished by many years of experience in the production of liquid fertilizers and contain the following

quality indicators under certain conditions of application and storage, namely:

USM-N (nitrogen) 20, S (sulfur) 3 crystallization temperature -3

It is important to note that the above brands of USM, produced by the agrochemical company GROSSDORF, it is recommended to make only in the summer. 

This ratio of N (nitrogen) / S (sulfur) meets the needs of crops and market requirements.