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Organic substance of humic and fulvic acids


Bor (B)

148 g/l

Total nitrogen (N)

64 g/l

Manganese (Mn)

25 g/l

Cobalt (Co)

2,4 g/l

Molybdenum (Mo)

3 g/l

Liquid boron fertilizer with alkaline salts of humic and fulvic acids and trace elements

Ground Prana Boron

Brief description of properties:

Ground Prana Boron is a completely liquid fertilizer with a high content of boron in an easily digestible form for plants in combination with trace elements and alkaline salts of humic and fulvic acids, designed for foliar feeding. Ground Prana Boron provides rapid overcoming of boron deficiency, affects the processes of photosynthesis, cellular respiration, nitrogen fixation, vegetation, reproduction and accumulation and transportation of sugars and proteins, and helps to increase the stability of plants under stress. The fertilizer is highly compatible with many agrochemicals and does not require the use of special agro-technological methods of use.


  • High digestibility of boron with foliar and root nutrition.
  • Use in a wide range of phases of vegetative development of plants.
  • Ease of dosing and measuring fertilizer by volume.
  • Provides high yields by comprehensively influencing the processes of photosynthesis, growth, reproduction and metabolism.
  • Promotes an increase in the number of flower buds, flowering and fruit formation.
  • Improves quality and class by influencing the process of synthesis, transport and accumulation of sugars and proteins.
  • Increases the efficiency of nitrogen fixation by influencing the development of nodule bacteria.
  • Prevents plant diseases associated with deficiency of fertilizer components (root and fruit rot, scab);
  • Compatible with many agrochemicals and ease of integration into agro-technological schemes of plant treatment.
  • Ensuring high crop productivity even in adverse conditions of heat, salt or herbicide stress.


Aqueous solution from brown to dark brown, odorless or with a slight peat odor. During prolonged standing, the appearance of a small amount of easily dispersible precipitate of colloidal particles of humic acid complexes is allowed. The density of the solution is 1.15-1.2 g / dm3, pH = 7.5-8.5


The fertilizer is compatible with many agrochemicals and easily integrates into traditional plant nutrition and protection schemes (it is recommended to perform a compatibility test before use).

To prevent the appearance of a suspension of humic substances in the solution, the preparation of fertilizers in water with a high content of carbonates should be combined with the use of water softeners.

Recommendations for use:

The fertilizer has a stable balanced composition and is recommended for use in the cultivation of all major crops sensitive to boron deficiency.


Processing on vegetation


Asterisk phase -2 l/ha

Soybeans, peas

Phase 8-10 leaves -1 l/ha

Sugar and fodder beet 

Phase of active root growth -1 l/ha 

Winter and spring rape

The beginning of budding -1 l/ha

Recommendations for the preparation of solutions:

For foliar application per 1 ha of area to dissolve the fertilizer in sufficient water (but not less than 100 liters of water per 1 liter of fertilizer).

First aid:

In case of contact with skin rinse with soap and water, in case of contact with eyes rinse with plenty of water, and if ingested see a doctor.

Storage conditions:

Store in a closed container at a temperature of +5 to + 35 ° C.

Warranty period of storage: 2 years from the date of production.

Manufacturer: CIIAT & GroosDorf