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EXW/FCA Khatsky

Delivery terms:

The goods can be delivered on the terms of self-pickup and / or can be delivered to any region of Ukraine by own road / rail transport.


Small crystals, white or pink.

Total potassium,%


Mass fraction of water,%


The size of the granule fraction

3-6 mm

Potassium chloride granulated GPC

Potassium chloride GPC Potassium is a highly concentrated potassium fertilizer. 

Mass fraction of potassium in terms of K2O is not less than 60%. Volume weight 0.92 - 0.95 t / m3.

The most popular forms: small and granular, the latter is in great demand among farmers.

Physiologically acidic fertilizer.

It is used for application in the fall under the main cultivation, under all crops, on all soils, except for sodic soils and salt marshes. 

In areas of sufficient moisture, it is possible to make in the spring 2-3 weeks before sowing (to wash the chlorine deep into the soil profile).

It is not recommended to apply in the spring under crops - chlorophobes: nightshade, flax, grapes, flowers and other plants.

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