Terms of sale:

EXW/FCA Khatsky

Delivery terms:

The goods can be delivered on the terms of self-pickup and / or can be delivered to any region of Ukraine by own road / rail transport.

TU number:

EC IST 161110455-36:2019

Total nitrogen,%


Total phosphorus,%


Particle size distribution,% from 2 to 5 mm


Diammonium phosphate-nitrogen-phosphorus complex complex fertilizer

Does not contain nitrates and chlorine. It is applied on all types of soils, under all cultures. Obtained in a single process by neutralizing phosphoric acid with excess ammonium.

Diammonium phosphate (disubstituted ammonium phosphate) is a salt of orthophosphoric acid. The second most stable ammonium phosphate.

Physical characteristics:

At 70 oC loses ammonia and turns into monoammonium phosphate (NH4H2PO4).

Dissociation pressure at 100 ° C - 5 mm Hg.

At 20 ° C in 100 g of water dissolves 71 g of substance.

The acidity of the monomolar solution is 8.0.

It has low hygroscopicity.

Appearance is produced in the diammonium phosphate industry, depending on the brand: white crystals or the same crystals, but with a yellowish or gray tinge. Contains phosphorus oxide (V) 50-52%, ammonia is 23-23.5%. Mass fraction of moisture is 4-5%.

Diammonium phosphate fertilizer contains 18% nitrogen, total phosphates 46%, water 1.8%. Appearance: granules without impurities, from white with a yellow tinge to dark gray, less than 6 mm in diameter. The flowability of the substance is 100%.

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